High school students from all over the world are looking for great families to host them during their time in the United States. Make their time here memorable by hosting them in your home! It is a life changing experience for them and for you!

2019-2020 Annual Tuition and Fees

Total cost is $15,000.  This includes registration, tuition, host family/housing, and additional fees.

Please contact Scot Vorwold for more information.






The following is the testimony from one of our exchange students:

“I’m Silvia and I come from Italy. When I was 17, I took part in an exchange program and it was the best experience of my life. For one year I’ve lived in St. Louis with a host family and went to Tower Grove Academy. My host family became my second family: Quinci and Dave, my host parents, and Ellia and Julian, my host siblings, were so loving and thoughtful that they immediately made me feel at home. I was also living with another exchange student, Kaja. We shared so many experiences together and got along so well that even now I consider her my Norwegian sister. We were one of the firsts exchange students that attended Tower Grove Academy, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve spent my senior year there. I was welcomed with open arms by everyone, surrounded with kindness and patience, even in the beginning, when I could barely speak English. I will never forget how, since the first day of school, students and teachers made me feel part of the community. Many of the friends I made throughout the year are still my best friends to this day. It was so much fun to share wonderful moments together like proms, the senior trip and graduation. Since I’ve left five years ago I came back to visit three times, and it always feels like I’ve never left.  This experience taught me so much, it made me grow, learn and it brought amazing people to my life. I will always be grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to fulfill my American dream!”

"Our mission is to provide a complete education which promotes academic excellence and a biblical worldview.  It is the goal of TGCA to equip students with the intellect and character they need to impact their world.