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Ways to Give Back

When you donate to Tower Grove Christian Academy, you are giving to help kids from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and beyond receive an exceptional and God-centered education at an affordable cost. TGCA could not hold out its mission without generous donors like you. Thank you for your support. 


Below are some of the fundraisers we are currently participating in. Click on any of the links to find out exactly what you can help us collect.  Please contact the Elementary or Middle School office for more information.

Box Tops 4 Education


Donation Online

Tower Grove Christian Academy is now accepting donations through Paypal. These donations can be made from your Paypal account or credit card. Credit Cards accepted include: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Making an online donation through Paypal is quick, easy, and secure. If you would like to make a donation, simply click on the “Donate” link below, where you can make a secure payment. Please include the name of the student you are sponsoring in the “Special Instructions” field.

*Donations can be made in any amount and are tax deductible, provided that your name and address are included. You will receive a statement at the end of the year for tax deduction and tax filing purposes. Anonymous donations are accepted as well, but cannot be tax deductible.


Group Fundraising Policy

The dedicated work of many is greatly appreciated in raising funds to offset expenses for school programs and activities. With the growing number of groups raising funds during the school year, the following policies need to be implemented to assure order and optimum efficiency in fundraising.  A fund-raiser is any activity/sale/event in which funds are raised either through donations, sales or other means.Group includes individual classes, grade levels, booster clubs, parent groups, student clubs, sports teams, cheerleaders, etc.


The administrator must clear all fund-raisers after being approved by the respective principal.

Bake sales and similar fund-raisers need only be cleared by the appropriate principal and placed on the school calendar by the administrator’s secretary.

Fund-raisers involving contracts or obligations to parties outside the school must be cleared through the school administrator. Teachers and staff members are not authorized to obligate the school or any group therein to an outside business or fundraising company. (Staff members that enter upon unauthorized negotiations do so with the understanding that they are responsible for any financial loss that may occur.)  No fundraising campaigns may be scheduled one week prior to or during any school-wide fundraising campaigns.


If you wish to conduct a fund-raiser:

  1. plan the activity

  2. submit details to the administrator’s office

  3. once the activity is on the calendar you are free to conduct the fund-raiser.


The store will be available to make TGCA gear purchases.  Click here to view and purchase.

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